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Samsung accused of reducing performance of 10,000 apps through GOS

Samsung has been accused of imposing performance limits on more than 10,000 apps. A Twitter user has reportedly discovered that Samsung limits the performance of these apps with its Game Optimizing Service (GOS). Let us tell you that Samsung has developed GOS to limit the performance of certain games and apps to prevent overheating and throttling related problems, but it is being claimed that this service is limited to certain games and apps. is not limited.

Gizmochina followed a tweet by Twitter user @GaryeonHan. citing It has been informed that Samsung’s GOS is affecting the performance of 10,000 apps. These include system apps, Google apps, and many third-party apps. A Twitter user has discovered that the service is not just limited to gaming but is affecting several apps as well.

A Twitter user says that GOS has been seen to limit performance even when the device’s temperature is in the appropriate range. Not only that, the service doesn’t really affect benchmarking apps like Geekbench, and removes them from the throttle list. Let us tell you, the performance of the smartphone is scored through benchmarking apps. Of course, removing from the throttling list will not reveal the actual score.

The report says that Samsung is investigating this GOS issue and promises to take it as seriously as the Galaxy Note 7 issue.

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