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Sales of smartphones with 5G support grew 13 times in Russia, despite the lack of commercial networks

While Russian operators are not yet able to provide formal commercial services based on 5G networks, Russia is seeing a surge in demand for 5G-enabled devices.

This is evidenced by the statistics published by the analysts of M.Video-Eldorado. According to the source, Russian users are snapping up technological innovations with might and main – foldable smartphones with flexible screens and devices with 5G support.

For nine months of 2021, sales of smartphones with flexible displays in the Russian market increased 2.8 times in units and 2.4 times in money compared to last year. The average cost of a device in a folding form factor is about 125,000 rubles, which is 12% less than a year earlier. Sales of the first smartphone with a flexible screen began in Russia in October 2019.

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In addition, every seventh smartphone sold is 5G compatible. In January-September of this year, sales of smartphones with support for 5G networks grew 13 times in units and 19 times in money, to about 1.8 million units and 150 billion rubles. This represents more than 8% in pieces and 30% in money of the total sales of smartphones.

Sales of the first 5G smartphones began on the Russian market in the fourth quarter of 2019, and now about 200 models are available to consumers, including models from the middle price segment in the range of up to 20 thousand rubles.



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