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Sales of Russian digital hearing aids NOTA started

According to Rostec, Oktava DM has started retail sales of Russian digital hearing aids NOTA, which can be purchased in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tomsk, Novosibirsk and other cities of Russia.The Oktava Design and Marketing R&D center has created a modern production site on the basis of the Oktava plant, where it has been producing NOTA digital hearing aids since 2022. According to Rostec representatives, today, in connection with the withdrawal of Western companies from the hearing aid market, the Russian manufacturer is faced with the task of satisfying the increased demand for rehabilitation medical equipment.

At the moment, the line of hearing aids NOTA consists of 12 behind-the-ear classical models of three powers (medium power, powerful and extra powerful) and is presented in the middle price segment. The cost depends on the number of signal processing channels, applied technologies, such as noise reduction, feedback suppression, impulse noise suppression, wind noise suppression, etc.

We constantly monitor the emergence of new hearing aids and technologies for hearing correction. And our experts highly appreciated the digital line of hearing aids NOTA. Wide dynamic range compression provides great comfort when using a hearing aid, as it allows you to hear quiet sounds without being distracted by too loud ones. Noise reduction, wind noise reduction, impulse sound reduction, and adaptive microphone directivity improve speech intelligibility in difficult listening situations and help you adapt to different listening environments.

Andrey Kozlov, audiologist-otorhinolaryngologist.

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