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Salary Hike In 2023: Despite the global economic crisis, salary may increase in double digits in 2023!

Salary Hike In 2023: Employers are preparing to increase the salary of employees in double digits in 2023, despite the sound of global recession. According to a survey, an average salary increase of 10.4 percent can be seen in 2023. This is when companies are also troubled by inflation, on the other hand, the pace of economic growth seems to be slowing down.

Consulting firm Aon has said in its 28th Salary Increase Survey that for the second consecutive year in 2023, the salary increase can be seen in double digits. In 2023, companies can increase salaries on an average by 10.4 percent, while in 2022 there was a salary increase of 10.6 percent.

According to the survey, companies are already making provision for funds for salary increase in 2023. It can be understood from this that they are confident that companies will be successful in dealing with the challenges related to growth and inflation. Salary hike may continue in Aichi sector. While the economy of these countries is slowing down due to the increase in interest rates by the Central Banks of Europe America, which may reduce the orders from these countries, which may have to bear the brunt of the export companies.

Rupank Choudhary of Aon said that despite the challenge of recession and domestic inflation around the world, salary increase in double digits is expected in 2023. This shows that the companies are expecting good financial performance. A survey was conducted among 1300 companies of 40 industries, in which 46 percent companies can increase salary in double digits. At the same time, many companies consider the boom in leaving companies to be the biggest challenge.

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