Monday, March 4, 2024

Saipa cars became cheaper even before they started selling in Russia. Sedan Saipa Saina should be cheaper by 1,2 million rubles

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As reported by Autonews, Iranian Saipa revised the prices of its cars for Russia even before the start of sales. According to the representative of the company-distributor «Laky Currency», they «succeeded in achieving a reduction in the cost of cars».

Saipa Quick. Photo:

How much Saipa cars will cost in Russia as a result, is not reported, but previously announced prices look like this: hatchback Quik — 1,5-1,6 million rubles, sedan Saina — 1,22 million rubles. Accordingly, the new prices should be lower. Both machines are equipped with a 1.5-liter motor with a capacity of 87 hp, working in conjunction with a mechanical box transmission or a variator.

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