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Russia’s space research site hacked, hackers claim to have leaked files related to the mission

New Delhi: Ukraine And Russia has been at war for the past week. Russia had launched a military operation to seize control of Ukraine. Hundreds of people, including children, have lost their lives in this war so far. This war is being fought even in cyber world. Ukraine was hit by a massive cyber attack. Then to Ukraine Anonymous This famous hacker group has got support. Anonymous claims to have hacked major Russian government websites, including banks. Now Anonymous is targeting Russia’s Space Research Institute (IKI) website.

Russia’s space agency has claimed Roscosmos Files related to have been leaked. According to reports, hackers have breached the subdomain of the IKI website. So all the other subdomains are online. The hacked site belongs to the World Space Observatory Ultraviolet Project (WSO-UV). The project is similar to the Hubble Space Telescope, which is scheduled to launch in 2025. This information has been given from the Twitter account related to Anonymous. The hackers also wrote a message on the archived version of the website.

In this message, Russians are told to create a new and better website for themselves, instead of targeting citizens. The YourAnonNews account also shared a link to a cloud-based zip file. The file claims to contain information related to Russia’s space agency. This file provides information about the Lunar Mission in a handwritten form, PDF and spreadsheet. However, this data has not yet been confirmed. Meanwhile, Anonymous had earlier claimed that Russia’s satellite control system had been disabled. However, this has not been verified.

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