Friday, February 23, 2024

Russians are looking for Toyota Camry for 2,5 million rubles, Hyundai Solaris for 1,1 million rubles and Kia Sportage for 2 million rubles. These are the fastest selling cars with mileage in Russia

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Resource named the fastest selling cars in Russia with running in 2023. It turned out that the most sought-after budget cars find new owners in less than five weeks. So, Lada Granta with an average price of Rs 574 thousand. rubles were sold on average for 28 days. The second in terms of sales speed in the budget segment was Hyundai Solaris with an average price of 1 092 000 rubles, the third – Kia Rio (1 115 000 rubles).


In the segment of middle-class cars, the most popular is Toyota Camry: the most purchased sedans with an average price of 2,54 million rubles. Also quickly found new owners Skoda Octavia (1,377 million rubles), Kia Sportage (2,022 million rubles), Ford Focus (1,044 million rubles) and Volkswagen Tiguan (2,356 million rubles).

If we talk about the premium-segment, then most often and fastest Russians bought sedans BMW 5 series with an average price of 3,559 million rubles, Mercedes-Benz E-class for 3,29 million rubles and BMW 3 series for 2,787 million rubles.

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