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Russian woman was sentenced to a year conditionally for installing a pirate program in the office

The Pervouralsk City Court found the woman guilty under paragraphs “c”, “d” of part 3 of article 146 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Violation of copyright and related rights on an especially large scale, by a person using his official position”).

Islamova’s lawyer said that the woman was released from criminal liability “due to a change in the situation.” Firstly, there was a petition from 1C that after compensation for damage in 165 thousand rubles, the company has no claims to Islamova. Secondly, the fact that a woman is a mother of many children played a role.

Nevertheless, the defense side does not agree with the verdict. It can affect the entrepreneurial activities of Islamova. Children who will have a postscript about their relatives’ convictions may suffer. Initially, the woman faced six years in prison. A year ago, the Department for Combating Economic Crimes under the Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Sverdlovsk Region (OBEP), during an unexpected check, found pirated 1C software on seven out of 14 computers in the Islamic office.

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