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Russian space agency Roscosmos will soon give a plan to Putin to end ties with the International Space Station

Roscosmos Chief Dmitry Rogozin told Sputnik that Russia’s space agency Roscosmos will inform Russian President Vladimir Putin about its idea in the coming times whether the International Space Station (ISS) To work on the ISS is to continue cooperation with the countries of the West.

discussion on ideas about having a relationship

According to ANI, Rogozin said that ‘Our idea was recently discussed in the supervisory board of Roscosmos, which was attended by representatives of key ministries and departments related to Roscosmos. It was headed by the Deputy Prime Minister. We are planning to report our position to the President in future.

Will decide on sanctions

On Saturday, Rogozin said that Russia’s space agency would soon inform the Russian government how it plans to end cooperation with its Western partners (the US, European Union, Canadian and Japanese space agencies) on the ISS. has been Rogozin said that Russia and Western countries can work together in space only if they lift all the sanctions imposed on Russia.

Let us tell you that the war between Russia and Ukraine is going on and due to this, Western countries have imposed many sanctions on Russia. It’s been almost 45 days since the war between Russia and Ukraine began and thousands of people have died due to that war, so far millions have left Ukraine. Even billions of dollars have been lost.

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