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Russian poplar and birch turned out to be the best trees to fight global warming

Experts from the Voronezh State Forestry University named after V.I. G.F. Morozova conducted studies that showed that poplar varieties “Es-38” and drooping birch “Uglyanskaya-1”, in comparison with larch and pine, showed a greater absorption of carbon dioxide. And the first place was taken by the poplar, the leaf area of ​​which was 162 sq. cm.

Using this method, scientists proposed to combat the concentration of carbon compounds, at least in the conditions of central Russia. According to experts, in the first year of the growing season it will be possible to achieve absorption of up to 2.6 tons of carbon compounds from the atmosphere, with a planting density of five thousand trees per hectare.

“This will allow in a short time to form forest carbon farms with an understandable mechanism for calculating the volume of absorption of carbon compounds. For comparison, 15 hectares of such a landfill will be able to compensate for the carbon footprint of 2,000 cars, ”emphasized Mikhail Drapalyuk, rector of VGLTU.

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