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Russian polymer 3D printer with the largest print area presented

The F2 innovations company, founded by graduates of the Perm National Research Polytechnic University (PNRPU), has presented a unique F2 Gigantry granule 3D printer with the largest print area.

“F2 Gigantry is an open portal with an extruder [часть 3D-принтера, которая расплавляет полимер и, двигаясь по определенной траектории, выращивает модель слой за слоем], capable of creating parts up to 4 meters long, 2 meters wide and 1 meter high. The technology allows you to print polymer granules with a capacity of up to 10 kg / h, including recycled materials (recycled granulate),” the creators describe their brainchild.

In fact, the technology of granule printing is not new, however, there have not been such large Russian solutions on the market before. F2 Gigantry was the first printer with such a printable area.

F2 Gigantry will enable businesses, particularly those in the aerospace industry, to create large-scale polymer parts quickly and cheaply. Costs are reduced by up to 40 times compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

The first in a series of printers, the F2 Gigantry was developed for a personal order to print tooling for laying out composite aircraft wings. F2 Gigantry can be used in any field of production, including the defense industry.

F2 Gigantry consists of 90% Russian components.

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