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Russian pilots are asked to use the brakes as little as possible. This will reduce their wear and extend their life.

According to Aviatorshina, Russian airlines have advised pilots to use less brakes when landing and taxiing in order to reduce their wear and tear and extend their service life.

S7 Airlines recommended that Airbus pilots use the low reverse mode (REV IDLE) on the run and not use automatic braking (Autobrake), if the condition and length of the runway (runway) allows it.

Ural Airlines advised pilots to land without applying automatic braking only on long runways, to minimize the number of brake applications, to avoid heavy braking, and to turn off the parking brake when parking, making sure the blocks were installed.

Rossiya Airlines advised pilots to avoid taxiing with the brakes on, not to try to clear the runway along the nearest taxiway. On the run, they need to use reverse thrust without delay to minimize heat and wear on the brakes, and Autobrake according to runway conditions. This will eliminate the creation of excessive pressure in the brakes and will contribute to an even distribution of forces on the brake devices.

At low-cost Pobeda, brake wear depends on the duration of the run and braking, and not on the number of clicks, so pilots, on the contrary, are recommended to resort to intensive braking (Autobrake 3) using reverse at standard engine speeds (Detent 2) in order to reduce the length of the run .

One of the Aeroflot pilots confirmed that the company did not issue written recommendations, but he verbally asked the pilots to use the brakes more economically, and on long runways “you can do without them.”

Also, recommendations were given to air traffic controllers, who were asked to make longer landing intervals so that the planes had time to vacate the runway.

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