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Russian marines will be rearmed with super-powerful AK-12

The AK-12 is designed in such a way that it can be equipped with any observation enhancement devices, such as laser designators or flashlights. In addition, a number of other modifications are available for it, among which there may be an additional front grip or an under-barrel grenade launcher.

Vladislav Shurygin, a military expert, noted that the most combat-ready units – special forces, paratroopers and marines – first receive new weapons. The early versions of the classic Kalashnikov assault rifle were inferior to American assault rifles in accuracy, however, according to Vladislav, this is out of the question, the AK-12 is a worthy competitor to them in this parameter.

It is noted that the effectiveness of firing from the “Superkalashnikov” has doubled in comparison with the base AK-74M. Also, the machine now has the ability to fire in fixed bursts of two shots.

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