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Russian linear accelerator “Skif” will be launched on October 25

The Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences announced that on October 25, 2022, a demonstration launch of the Skif linear accelerator (Siberian ring photon source) will take place.

The linear accelerator is one of the main parts of the accelerator complex; an electron beam is formed in it, which enters first into the storage ring, and then into the synchrotron.

“Skif” is a generation 4+ synchrotron radiation source with a brightness at the limit of physical capability, which makes it possible to observe fast processes in real time and significantly speed up experiments. It is reported to be the world’s first 3 GeV synchrotron.

On the basis of “Skif” will conduct research to create new high-performance catalysts, fuel cells, batteries, high-temperature conductors, artificial proteins and other functional materials.

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