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Russian hackers downloaded 9 GB of data as a result of hacking the developer of F-35 fighter jets and HIMARS MLRS. There is confirmation of Lockheed Martin’s long-term interaction with the NASA satellite system

The founder of the Russian hacker group Killnet said that as a result of hacking the website of the American defense company Lockheed Martin, more than 9 GB of various data were obtained.

The most important thing that we received is cooperation with the NASA space corporation”, he noted. According to the hacker, the hackers have documents in their hands that confirm that Lockheed Martin has been closely interacting with the NASA satellite system for more than 10 years.

According to the founder of Killnet, Lockheed Martin mistakenly claims that the hack did not give access to information about employees. “What will they tell their employees that all their data has been sold on the dark web for five bucks for logs for 34 hours?“- he stated.

Recall that on August 10, hackers from the pro-Russian group Killnet hacked the Lockheed Martin website. The reason for the cyber attack was the supply of HIMARS, which are used in military operations in Ukraine. Lockheed Martin is also the creator of the American F-35 Lightning II stealth multirole fifth-generation fighter-bomber and the developer of hypersonic missiles.

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