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Russian expert critically assessed the Japanese “vaccine against old age”

Japanese scientists have created a peptide vaccine that destroys old cells that stop reproducing with age and accumulate in the body. The drug was tested in mice. The number of old cells in animals decreased due to a decrease in arterial stiffness.

According to Kostinov, the fact that experiments on rodents gave a positive result does not mean the same effectiveness in humans. As the specialist noted, if an arterial vessel is clogged, this vaccine will do nothing. According to him, “it must be a miracle.”

“The result of an experiment on animals does not always mean that it will be the same with people. The effect may be in people who do not have changes in blood vessels, heart. Maybe it will be effective for people who are still young, who can do a vaccine once a year or three years for the “rejuvenation” effect. And if old people do it, then I don’t believe in the effect, it’s fantastic, ”the expert emphasized.

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