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Russian doctor advised an effective way to avoid a hangover

Very often on the net you can find one or another piece of advice that reveals an “effective” way not to face a hangover. Russian doctor Alexander Myasnikov decided to contribute to this issue.

According to the specialist, there is “no magic bullet” against the post-intoxication state. In fact, there is only one piece of advice – you just have to not bring yourself to the point where a hangover happens. This is the only thing that a person can do.

Myasnikov also recalled that a hangover is a potential threat to the health of the elderly and people with risk factors. It is also important that the consumption of alcoholic beverages in large quantities leads to the loss of electrolytes in the blood.

In turn, it is this substance that accelerates the process of transferring nutrients into cells. It also takes on the role of supporting the necessary water balance in the cells.

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