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Russian clinics “Omicron” will sue WHO over the name of a new subspecies of coronavirus

Alexander Padar, the owner of a Russian network of ophthalmological clinics called Omicron from Novosibirsk, has sued the Russian office of WHO to ban the use of his brand name in relation to the new strain of coronavirus.

According to the plaintiff, Omicron is a registered trademark that appeared long before the strain. The lawsuit says that “colossal advertising funds” were spent on the “promotion” of the clinics. And if earlier, when the word “omicron” was entered in search engines, information about the work of the plaintiff’s clinics was among the first to appear, now data related to morbidity, mortality and other problems brought by the virus emerge.

According to the plaintiff, the fact that the names of the clinics in people will be associated with the disease will damage the brand’s reputation and cause significant losses.

“Well, think for yourself, if someone dies from the omicron strain – a relative or friend of yours – then you are unlikely to go to a clinic with the same name,” Padar complains.

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