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Russian authorities are considering legalizing piracy – they can allow unlicensed software if there are no alternatives

Against the backdrop of numerous Western sanctions, the Russian government is working on support measures, among which the abolition of criminal and administrative liability for the use of pirated software “from countries that support sanctions” is being discussed . Kommersant writes about this with reference to the data of a document called “Plan of Priority Actions to Ensure the Development of the Russian Economy in the Conditions of External Sanctions Pressure” .

The mentioned document lists measures to support various sectoral areas of the Russian economy. According to the source, various departments participated in the development of the document, and the implementation of some measures has already begun. Thus, to support the Russian IT industry, it is proposed to introduce a compulsory licensing mechanism for software, databases and topologies for integrated circuits. They may be subject to Art. 1360 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, according to which the government of the Russian Federation has the right “in case of emergency” to decide on the use of an invention, utility model or industrial design without the consent of the patent owner.

At the same time, the authorities propose to abolish criminal and administrative liability, which is provided for by the current legislation for the use of unlicensed software, “belonging to a copyright holder from countries that have supported the sanctions . ” The source notes that at present this project raises a lot of questions from market participants, especially those who license their software themselves.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation confirmed their participation in the work on the plan. “In terms of exemption from liability for the use of unlicensed software, we advocate a balanced approach in order to stimulate the transition to Russian software. Exemption from liability is proposed to be discussed only for products where there are clearly no Russian analogues now , ”commented on this issue in the department.

Against the backdrop of the current situation, a number of countries continue to impose various restrictions on Russia. Regarding software, we are talking about the termination of work on the Russian market by Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and other companies. The authorities continue to develop measures to support the domestic IT industry. Among those already approved: a deferment from military service, a three-year exemption for enterprises from income tax, etc.

 source: Kommersant





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