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Russian astronomers have discovered a new class of galaxies that violate the laws of physics

According to the press service of Kazan Federal University (KFU), scientists from the Department of Astronomy and Space Geodesy of the Institute of Physics of KFU, together with specialists from the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IKI RAS), have discovered a new class of galaxies. As a result of the analysis of a catalog of 173 thousand stars, created on the basis of data from the eROSITA X-ray telescope, astronomers have discovered about 500 galaxies with active nuclei that have unusual properties. According to these data, galaxies with active nuclei differ from all previously known ones in that they have unexpectedly large proper motions (according to the GAIA space observatory launched by the European Space Agency).

Proper motion is the angular displacement of a source on the celestial sphere in one year, it is measured in thousandths of a second of arc. It is believed that galaxies and quasars should have zero proper motions due to their extreme remoteness from our galaxy. At the same time, the proper motions measured by the GAIA satellite for this group of galaxies can formally testify to the motions of matter in these galaxies at speeds tens to hundreds of times higher than the speed of light, and this contradicts the basics of physics.

Scientists are analyzing various reasons for the anomalous proper motions of these galaxies. According to them, this year independent confirmations were received by European scientists from the GAIA team that such quasars and active galactic nuclei with anomalous proper motions exist and they are real, and are not associated with instrumental errors of the GAIA satellite. In 2023, it is planned to continue studies of extragalactic sources with anomalously large proper motions at the high-precision observation complex of the RTT-150 telescope.


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