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Russian army is entering Ukraine, fierce war going on in Kharkiv

Russia Ukraine War: The Russia-Ukraine war seems to be intensifying once again. Dangerous fighting is going on in Kharkiv city of Ukraine. Last Friday, the Russian army launched an attack in this area. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that his army has tried to stop the Russian army from advancing in the border areas, meanwhile a fierce war is going on between the two countries. Ukraine has replaced the Kharkiv front line commander amid the war.

Commander in Chief of the Ukrainian Army, Alexander Sirsky, has described the situation in Kharkiv as difficult. But he also said that the Russian army has not yet achieved any significant success. Alexander Sirsky said that we are fighting a fierce war to protect our country. This war may take a decisive turn in the coming days. According to the report of The War Zone, the Commander General of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has said that in the last 24 hours the Russian army launched at least 22 attacks in two parts of the Kharkiv region. The region’s governor, Oleh Sinihubov, said on local TV that Russia was deliberately attacking in small groups.

Russia claims capture of 9 villages of Ukraine
The governor of the Kharkiv region said that the Ukrainian army is stopping the Russian troops, but there is a danger of war breaking out in the new settlements. The Russian Defense Ministry claims that its forces have taken better strategic positions outside Kharkiv’s four settlements of Vesele, Neskuchne, Vovchansk and Lipsi. Russia claims that it has captured at least 9 villages in Kharkiv. Russia is claiming that its army has now entered Vovchansk, while Ukraine is denying this. Due to the war, there has been heavy bombardment in the city, about 4 thousand people have fled from the city.

Russia is carrying out ground attacks
Kharkiv region chief police officer Volodymyr Timoshko said that the Russian army is also carrying out ground attacks along with the bombing. Timoshko said that by Sunday afternoon Russian forces were on the outskirts of the city and were coming from three sides. Ukraine has also claimed to stop Russian troops on many fronts. A major officer of the Russian Armed Forces said that we have stopped the Russian army from advancing in the village of Lukyantsi, north of the Kharkiv region.

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