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Russian admiral named the possible reason for the death of “Kursk”

According to the official version, the catastrophe occurred due to the explosion of a torpedo on board and further detonation of ammunition during the exercises of the Northern Fleet. Then 118 crew members were killed.

Admiral Popov suggested a different version. He claims that the Kursk sank due to a collision with another boat following it. This is supposedly a NATO submarine. The admiral says the name of the boat the Kursk collided with is known “with a 90% probability.” However, he did not name anything.

According to the media, at the time of the accident, the American submarines Memphis and Toledo, as well as the British Splendid, were nearby. According to the admiral, on that day, SOS signals were sent not only by the Kursk, but also allegedly by a NATO boat. Due to the impact that fell on the bow of the Russian submarine, the torpedo tube was damaged.

Today, a member of the State Duma Committee on Defense, Yuri Shvytkin, said that the investigation into the death of the Kursk submarine could be resumed if new circumstances are revealed.

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