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Russian 3D printer on the ISS is ready to go

TASS special correspondent cosmonaut Oleg Artemiev said that the Russian 3D printer on the ISS, created by the Energia Rocket and Space Corporation (part of Roscosmos), is ready for operation.

Turning on the printer was successful, preparations for printing were also carried out. Now the crew members are waiting for the material for the printer, which is to be delivered by Soyuz MS-22 spacecraft in September. After that, the first experiments on the production of parts in space will begin.

First, the astronauts will try to print simple cubes, and then they will connect students who will draw details in a special program, and send the drawings to the station. The ISS crew members will download the schematics to a 3D printer and print them.

The 3D printer was delivered for experiments to the ISS on the Progress MS-20 spacecraft in June. The first experiments should be carried out by cosmonauts Oleg Artemiev and Denis Matveev. The resulting 3D printing samples will be returned to Earth so that specialists can check the characteristics of the products.

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