Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Russia will launch 100 new satellites into space

In addition to these satellites, the company intends to put into orbit the Atomsat radar satellite operating on the Pallada platform. AFK Sistema plans to increase the number of satellites of its subsidiary Sputniks: now there are three devices of the company in orbit, next year their number is planned to increase to 22, and over the next two years – to 100.

The satellites will have a wide range of applications. They are necessary for radar sensing of the Earth, monitoring deforestation and fires, monitoring the carbon footprint, providing satellite Internet and other projects.

The approximate cost of the required investments will be about 2 billion rubles due to the equal cost of manufacturing and launching satellites – 10 million each, i.e. to send 100 spacecraft into space, at least 2 billion are needed. At the same time, a number of experts have already considered this money insufficient, indicating that the amount reflects the minimum costs.

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