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Russia will create domestic cryptoprocessors to protect the Internet of things from hacking

The Avtomatika Concern of the Rostec State Corporation, the Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics (MTUSI) and the Kaskad company are jointly developing a series of secure cryptoprocessors for the Internet of things. The solution will create a secure communication channel between the end device (sensor, controller, etc.) and the network core, which will prevent unauthorized access to critical infrastructure and data.

The topology of cryptoprocessors will be developed by Kaskad LLC. Also, the company’s specialists will test the products and carry out the final adjustment. It should be noted that when developing a new line of cryptoprocessors, the shortcomings of existing solutions on the market will be taken into account and corrected, which will maximize the potential scope of new chips.

MTUCI engineers, as part of a joint project, are developing software and working on the integration of cryptographic algorithms. Certification of cryptoprocessors, promotion and sale will be carried out by the Avtomatika concern.

“A cryptoprocessor is a separate system on a chip, a “computer within a computer”. It converts the data in such a way that it can only be decrypted on the original computer, running the same software that was originally used. This ensures the maximum level of security and the impossibility of unauthorized access to information from the outside. The presence of a cryptoprocessor eliminates the need for additional use of physical means of protecting the system, ”explains in a Rostec press release .






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