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Russia will begin to verify homeowners using computer surveillance

Rosreestr lists cases when real estate documents will need to be changed. Even if the building is in line with the plan. This applies to those who have changed the type of permitted use of the land plot or the category of premises (residential / non-residential). For example, if a building was rebuilt and eventually became a house, you will need to obtain permission from the municipal administration to implement the project on the site or pay a fine (amount – from 10 thousand rubles).

In addition, those who have a “Temporary” mark in the USRN may face problems. According to Law No. 218-FZ of July 13, 2015, on March 1, such a register entry will become archived, and the cadastral registration information on the site will be canceled. This will lead to the fact that it will be impossible to sell, bequeath, donate this plot.

If citizens purchased an apartment before 1998, then in order to sell an apartment or inherit a share, they will have to enter data about their own apartment and its owners in the USRN.

Another moment when you need to reissue documents is when redeveloping an apartment. It is necessary to inform Rosreestr through the MFC about all changes, otherwise a mark may appear in the USRN, due to which it will not be possible to conduct a transaction with an apartment until all changes in the register are made.

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