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Russia will be captured in just three days, even without nuclear weapons, under the confluence of several circumstances

It turns out that Russia can be defeated in just three days. And for this it is necessary that only three conditions are met. What – told the author of the Army Blog channel.

  1. Preparing for the three-day war… The main goal will be before this to separate Russia from all other countries. This will involve turning off the Internet, depriving the state of all allies, etc. In other words, the United States, for example, will have to lower the status of the Russian Federation in the eyes of the world community. If Belarus is turned against Russia, the country will lose a lot of military equipment, most of the air defense system, a missile attack warning station, and a radio communication system in the European part of the country. It will be even easier with Asian countries: they can be offered lucrative loans, funds for the development of any state area, assistance in the employment of citizens. At the same time, the most difficult thing for the Americans will be to prove to China the necessity of refusing to cooperate with the Russian Federation.
  1. Oversized Missile / Bomb Fist Concentration… NATO troops should be stationed near the borders with the Russian Federation – on the territory between the Black and Baltic Seas. At the same time, the naval forces must include at least a thousand pieces of equipment capable of launching cruise missiles. The navy in the east should also be on high alert. The same goes for airborne troops, marines, armored divisions. At the same time, absolutely anything will serve as a pretext for the outbreak of war. The main blow to the country will be delivered from the air. On the first day of the war, NATO will need to prevent the threat of a nuclear strike from the Russian side.


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