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Russia-Ukraine War Video: BMW’s machine gun car wreaking havoc in the war, shocking features

New Delhi: War between Russia and Ukraine (Russia-Ukraine War) continues. Russia is constantly attacking Ukrainian cities. At the same time, the Ukrainian army is also claiming to give a befitting reply. Apart from Western countries, America is also standing to help Ukraine. He is constantly giving her modern weapons. Meanwhile, people have modified a BMW 6 Series car to fight against the Russian army.

Indeed, Ukraine’s armed forces and volunteer fighters continue to take on the invading Russian troops. The condition of Ukraine is that even a little help in the ongoing conflict can be a very valuable aid. In the same sequence, locals in the Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv modified the BMW 6 Series to be fitted with a trunk-mounted machine gun. Ukraine Weapons Tracker posted a video of this modified BMW 6 Series on Twitter. In this video, the BMW convertible can be seen in a customized avatar to eliminate the luxury look and give it a more lethal look. According to media reports, the weapon mounted in the car is a Soviet-era NSV fitted in 12.7×108.

No information has been revealed about the engine power of this BMW car, but it can be assumed that it could be a V8 engine. Despite its heavy gun, it is able to easily overtake Russian tanks and have excellent control. This is because luxury cars are not commonly seen in conflict zones. Because when it comes to defense, it can once again be assumed that if the car is attacked then in that case the car would have nothing to defend itself.

According to the information, the local people of the city have donated the modified vehicle to the police department here. Whether this car is actually deployed in the war zone remains to be seen. But this particular BMW car is certainly a symbol of the Ukrainian people’s counterattack. A sticker has been put in the rear bumper of this car, which in abusive language is defaming the Russian warship.

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