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Russia Ukraine War : Their Ukrainian employees uniting big tech companies against Russia

In the war against Russia, while the government of Ukraine is appealing to countries around the world for its help, Ukrainians living abroad are also making efforts at their level. Ukrainian citizens working in big tech companies in the West are uniting to help their country. He is encouraging the Russians to go against his government as well as making efforts to increase medical supplies. In addition, Internet security giant Cloudflare is also persuading companies such as Google and Amazon to do more to counter the Russian attack. E-mail campaigns and online petitions are being used for this.

Oleksiy Oreshko, a Google employee and Ukrainian US citizen, said the sanctions were not enough. Companies should try to isolate Russia as soon as possible. Reuters spoke to 9 tech activists, including Oleksi. All of them belong to Ukraine and are giving their support on the appeal of the Ukrainian people living abroad by the government there to form a volunteer ‘IT Army’.

Significantly, many companies have ended new trade deals with Russia, but Ukrainians living abroad are demanding more steps. His appeal is to cyber security companies to leave their Russian clients.

Igor Seletsky, chief executive of Palo Alto-based software maker CloudLinux, has urged CloudFlare to quit with Russian news websites. He has also written an e-mail to the company regarding this. In response, Cloudflare said it has terminated some customers and is reviewing the accounts provided in Celetsky’s e-mails. However, the company says that it is looking into the matter carefully, as the termination will also affect customer security.

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Philip Lipniakov, who works for Spanish delivery app ‘Glovo’, said he hopes the ‘IT War’ will protect Ukraine.

According to the information, hundreds of Ukrainian workers of Google have signed a letter to CEO Sundar Pichai. In this, it has been said to help Ukraine as much as possible through Google Services. The company declined to comment on this, but it is worth noting that Google has worked to increase security measures in Ukraine.


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