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Russia-Ukraine War: Starlink’s ‘machines’ reach Ukraine, people will connect to satellite internet

Ukraine, which is responding to Russia’s attacks, is getting help from countries around the world. Ukraine’s infrastructure has suffered greatly in this war. After internet service was down in many areas, help was sought from the world’s richest man Elon Musk from Ukraine. It is noteworthy that Elon Musk’s satellite internet service ‘Starlink’ provides satellite internet. In this sequence, he announced to provide this service to Ukraine as a help, after which now a shipment of terminals for Starlink has reached Ukraine.

Through this, it can help in delivering Internet service in areas where services have been disrupted by Russian attacks. Upon the shipment’s arrival in Ukraine, its digital minister ‘Mikhailo Fedorov’ thanked Elon Musk. He tweeted a picture of a truck loaded from Starlink terminals. Mykhailo Fedorov is the person who requested Elon Musk to provide Starlink service in Ukraine. He had said in his tweet – When you are trying to set up a colony on Mars, then Russia has tried to occupy Ukraine. He wrote – Your rockets successfully land from space and Russian rockets attack Ukrainian civilians.

Web monitoring group NetBlocks has also said that Internet service in Ukraine has been badly affected due to Russia’s attacks. More than 2 thousand satellites of Starlink are currently in space, through which it is preparing to provide internet service around the world. In the coming days, many more satellite companies are going to launch.

Talking about the help getting to Ukraine, Google has also disabled some tools of Google Maps for Ukraine. With the help of these, live information is available about the traffic conditions and busyness of various places. The company has said that it has taken this step keeping in mind the safety of the people. Information about busy places and traffic like stores and restaurants in Ukraine will no longer be accessible on Google Maps.

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All big tech companies, including Google, have said that they are taking new measures to protect users in this area. Ukraine also continues to receive aid in the form of cryptocurrencies. According to blockchain analysis company Elliptic, the government of Ukraine has raised around $8 million (about Rs 60 crore) in cryptocurrencies after posting appeals on social media for donations of bitcoin and other digital tokens.


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