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Russia Ukraine War: Snapchat closed public ‘heatmap’ for Ukraine, know the whole matter here

New Delhi, Tech Desk. Snapchat has announced that it is temporarily turning off its heatmap feature for Ukraine, so the app no ​​longer shows how many snaps are being taken in particular locations. As The Verge reports, the company said the move is a safety precaution and will still have a curated public feed of snaps submitted by Ukrainians.

According to The Verge’s report, Russia was tracking Ukrainian agitators during the war. Therefore this feature has been turned off. Other companies have taken similar action to make it harder to track the activities of Ukrainians. Google has turned off live traffic information in Ukraine. That’s what Apple did. Snape has also taken some additional action after the Russian offensive. The ads have stopped showing in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, according to the news post. 

Usually Snap Map displays a color code to show how many people are posting public photos in an area. Although this publicly available data is usually not meaningful.

Many companies block Russian media

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Most Big Tech platforms such as Meta, Twitter, Google (and YouTube) and Microsoft have banned Russian state media outlets in the wake of Ukraine’s invasion. The war between Russia and Ukraine is affecting the whole world. Several sanctions have been imposed on Russia after invading Ukraine. Meta had imposed some restrictions on Russian media to curb the flow of misinformation, but now expanding it globally, Meta has taken a tougher stance on Russian state media outlets RT and Sputnik on Facebook and Instagram. 



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