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Russia-Ukraine war hits, will these items, including smartphones and laptops, become more expensive ?, see details

New Delhi : Russia and Ukraine have suffered heavy losses in the ongoing war. So far many have lost their lives and this is having an effect on the market. If the war continues for a long time, its effects will not be limited to Russia and Ukraine. The cost of each electronic product, including smartphones, cars and laptops, could skyrocket in India and around the world due to the damage caused by the war in both countries. It is being speculated that there may be a shortage of chipsets required for such smartphones. According to the report, Ukraine supplies 90% of semiconductor grade neon to the United States. That’s about 35 percent of Russia’s supply of palladium to the United States. Both of these products play an important role in chipset manufacturing.

Russia’s share of world supplies is 45 percent. If supplies from Ukraine and Russia are cut off, production work with sensors and memory may stop. Also, the supply of metals from Ukraine and Russia could halt the production of chipsets. All of these factors could put a brake on the semiconductor business. Japanese company expresses concern: A Japanese chip maker says the supply of these products is already low. In such a situation, the supply could be completely cut off due to the war, which could lead to a serious crisis. In such a scenario the price of the chip could rise sharply. Semiconductor

How chips are made: What is a semiconductor? Semiconductors are used to control electric current. Semiconductors are actually made from silicon. They are good conductors of electricity. Which is created by fitting into a micro circuit. Simply put, no electronic device can be imagined without a semiconductor. Semiconductors are used in artificial intelligence, quantum computing, wireless networking, 5G, IoT, drones, robotics, gaming industries. Russia’s attack has caused Internet problems in many parts of Ukraine, with Internet users unable to use fixed-line services. Also, on the first day of the war between Russia and Ukraine, hundreds of people were killed. This was stated by the President of Ukraine Vlazimir Zhilensky.


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