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Russia-Ukraine war: Facebook-Twitter takes big step, launches special feature

New Delhi: Hundreds of soldiers have been killed on the first day of the Russia-Ukraine war. In the wake of the Russia-Ukraine war, Facebook, owned by Meta Platform Inc., has launched a special operation to monitor the safety of users during the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Which will keep an eye on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Also, Facebook has launched a feature so that users can lock their profile picture. Facebook officials posted the information on Twitter on Thursday. On Wednesday, Twitter users in Ukraine were also told how they can protect their Twitter accounts from hacking. Twitter has asked users to deactivate their accounts as well as keep their Twitter private. Twitter has provided information in this regard by tweeting in English, Russian and Ukrainian.

Both are posted on social media platforms in times of crisis by political activists and researchers. In the same area, the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Thursday raised concerns about the spread of propaganda about the conflict on social media. Nathaniel Gletcher, Facebook’s head of security policy, said on Twitter that users in Ukraine can block their profile photos from being downloaded and shared by those with whom they are not friends with a single click. Also, users can prevent users from visiting the timeline and receiving tracking and updates. Account Deactivation Notice: On Wednesday, Twitter also shared information on how users can deactivate their accounts.

As the war in Ukraine and Russia began, social media users began sharing anti-war posts on the sky and on helicopters in Russia on platforms such as Tiktok, Snapchat and Twitter. On the short-form video app TikTok, the hashtag “Russia” garnered 37.2 billion views and “Ukraine 8.5 billion views.” The app was blocked in Russia and thousands of users were told they could not access the app.

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