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Russia Ukraine War Effect: India will benefit a lot from Russia-Ukraine war, Piyush Goyal informed

Egypt approves India as wheat supplier​: Russia-Ukraine war has worsened the condition of markets around the world. From the stock market to the bullion market, investors are scared. But in the meantime there is good news for India. India will get the benefit of this war. In fact, Egypt, the country that imports the most wheat from Russia and Ukraine, has now approved wheat imports from India. 

Big advantage for India between Russia-Ukraine war

Significantly, both the countries Russia and Ukraine are major exporters of wheat. Earlier in 2020, Egypt imported wheat worth $ 1.8 billion from Russia and $ 610.8 million from Ukraine. But in the meantime, the war that broke out between the two countries has changed the situation. Now the alternative of Egypt, Russia and Ukraine is increasing towards India. Egypt wants to import 1 million tonnes of wheat from India and will need 2,40,000 tonnes in April. For this now Egypt has also talked to India.

Piyush Goyal gave information

Giving information about this, Piyush Goyal tweeted, ‘Indian farmers are feeding the world. Egypt has approved India as a wheat supplier. With the world in search of a reliable alternative source of sustainable food supply, the Modi government has come forward. Our farmers kept the stocks full and we are ready to serve the world.

Bumper increase in wheat exports

India has made tremendous growth in wheat exports. Within just a year, India has made a stellar performance in wheat imports. India’s wheat exports increased to $1.74 billion between April 2021 and January 2022. At the same time last year, the import of wheat was only $ 34.017 million, while in the year 2019-20, the wheat export was only $ 6184 million. 

India’s wheat goes to these countries 

India, which is called the country of agriculture, exports wheat to its neighboring countries. The names of countries like Yemen, Afghanistan, Qatar and Indonesia have also been included in this. In 2020-21, India has exported wheat to Bangladesh, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Afghanistan, Qatar, Indonesia, Oman and Malaysia.

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