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Russia proposed to ban free access to the Internet

The official came up with such an initiative and a corresponding letter to the head of the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia Maksut Shadayev. The letter says that in recent years in Russia the importance of social networks and other virtual services has increased significantly. Therefore, Petrov proposes to evaluate the idea of ​​obligatory linking of social media accounts of Russian citizens to personal identification documents. And the official proposes to do this on the basis of the “Gosuslugi” service. In his opinion, such a measure will help ensure a more respectful and cautious attitude towards laws on the part of users.

The main message of the letter is that users should provide the operator with a minimum of data about themselves, and that without this free access to the Internet would be prohibited.

“In particular, I ask you to consider the issue of prohibiting free access to the Internet through a wireless connection without the user providing a minimum amount of personal data to the operator – such an authentication system is already successfully operating in European countries, where the usual public“ open networks ”that provide access to us have not existed for a long time. to the Internet without entering a password and personal information, ”the official said.

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