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Russia presented a complex for detecting enemy infantry and equipment

For the first time Rostec presented the latest intelligence complex. The Russian development was shown at the EDEX-2021 exhibition in Egypt. One of its features is the classification of the detected opponents. The reconnaissance and signaling complex is designed to detect enemy personnel and equipment. General Director of Sozvezdiye Concern Mikhail Artemov noted that “the export version of the 1K144-E complex detects the movement of tracked vehicles within a radius of up to 200 meters, wheeled vehicles – up to 120 meters, a person – up to 30 meters “… The complex is capable of transmitting information over a distance of up to 35 kilometers.

Its equipment includes seismic infrared and seismometric sensors. Also, 1K144-E received radio equipment and a set of devices for receiving and displaying information.

The holding noted that the new complex makes it possible to classify the detected objects by type and determine the direction of their movement. Preparation of sensors for monitoring takes about five minutes, and their operation time reaches 30 days.

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