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Russia launches video advertising for Sputnik V vaccine

A video has appeared on the Internet advertising the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine. Its creators are a team of drug developers who described two years of the pandemic in a two-minute video.

COVID-19 is depicted as a ball, knocking everything in its path. The video mentions all the already familiar restrictions and challenges: the cancellation of public events, air travel, the closure of public places, the emergence of new strains of coronavirus.

The video shows how the life of society has changed since the beginning of the pandemic. On the official Telegram channel of the drug, in the description of the video, it is said that everyone is tired of anxiety for themselves and their loved ones, of the fact that a moment may come when “the best medicine is no longer needed”.

“In this two-minute video, we fit 2 years of our changed life. We made it interesting to watch, but don’t be fooled by its shape – this is the most dramatic story of recent decades, ”the creators of the video noted.

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