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Russia launched the first regional service with a mobile signature of “Goslyucha”

The Ministry of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation (Mintsifry of Russia) announced the launch of the first regional service using the State Key mobile signature.

The service became available in the Moscow region. According to the press service, the service has been provided digitally since 2019, but now, when registering land for rent or property online without bidding on the regportal, you can sign a sale or lease agreement in the Goskey application.

How to get a service with “Goskeych”:

    • On the regional portal in the “Land and Construction” section, select the service “Providing land plots for rent, property without bidding”, fill out an application.
    • After successful completion of the online application, the applicant’s personal account will receive a contract of sale or lease.
    • Next, you need to sign the agreement in the Goskey application within 24 hours using an enhanced qualified electronic signature (UKES).
    • After that, the file with the electronic signature will be returned to the applicant’s personal account.

To obtain a UKEP certificate in the State Key, you will need:

    • verified account on the State Services;
    • smartphone with NFC-module;
    • biometric passport of a new generation (it contains a chip with personal information that allows you to identify a citizen).

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