Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Russia launched its own TikTok

The service is provided by Ritm Media, a subsidiary of Gazprom-Media. The new application copies the functionality of TikTok – it allows you to record and watch short vertical videos. Yappy also has its own characteristics. For example, the ability to create “collabs”, joint videos of several bloggers. There is also a video editor in the application, you can upload audio there. In addition, there is a library of trend ideas.

“Stars” have already been registered in Yappy: Klava Koka, Egor Ship, Karina Cross, Mia Boykoy and others. The app is already available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Gazprom-Media considered that their target audience is users aged 14-34 who are “passionate about self-development and career and for whom personal recognition and material success are important.”

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