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Russia is testing an installation that will improve domestic aircraft engines

Scientists from the Samara University named after Korolev have begun work on an experimental facility for studying combustion processes, which should help in the creation of domestic aircraft engines of an improved type. According to the press service of the university, this is one of the most advanced installations of this type in the world. It will allow research on the oxidation and destruction of soot at temperatures up to 1500 kelvins. The result of the experiments should be the development of a more efficient and environmentally friendly combustion chamber for domestic aircraft engines, which will be able to compete with world analogues and even surpass them. The experimental setup includes a large number of recording equipment for more accurate modeling of combustion processes. Thanks to this, scientists will be able to better understand what needs to be done to increase the efficiency of fuel combustion, while reducing harmful emissions.

Professor Valery Azyazov, head of the team of scientists, noted that the installation has a number of unique features and allows you to study not only the processes in the combustion chambers of engines, but also chemical reactions typical of deep space. For example, in the future, on its basis, scientists will be able to study chemical reactions occurring in cosmic molecular clouds. This will allow a better understanding of the chemical evolution of the universe and, perhaps, the origin of life itself, he believes. The experimental setup is based on a high-temperature chemical microreactor in the form of a thin ceramic tube 20 mm long and 1 mm in inner diameter, which is heated up to 1500 kelvins. For research, a vacuum chamber measuring about two meters in length and one meter in height is used.

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