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Russia has found a way to censor computer games

Writes about this “Kommersant”. The authors of the proposal believe that in games there are scenarios and plots containing child pornography, calls to commit suicide and drug use. At the same time, a person will study all the games in order to find such things, it will be necessary to spend hundreds or thousands of hours. Therefore, it is suggested to use automated programs. It is noted that such programs can be used as advisory services, and the decision on each individual violation must be made by an expert.

The HRChTS wants to get a service based on neural networks, which will “run itself through all levels of the game” and issue a report.

Experts have already noted that this will be difficult. We’ll have to train the model on each game, and for this we will have to use a lot of servers. In addition, such a system can create difficulties for game developers.

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