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Russia denies cyber attack on Ukraine, said – they are holding us responsible for everything

Amid fears of war erupting between Russia and Ukraine, it was reported on Wednesday that the websites of Ukrainian government departments were cyber attacked. The attack targeted the websites of the country’s defense ministry and armed forces as well as two banks. Ukraine cast doubt on Russia and said it was investigating the matter in depth. Meanwhile, Russia has denied involvement in the cyber attack on Ukraine. The biggest reason for Ukraine’s suspicion of Russia is the ongoing tension between the two countries. It is being said that Russia can attack Ukraine at any time.

On the Russian side, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that we do not know anything. He said that Ukraine is blaming Russia for everything. Russia has nothing to do with any cyber attack.

The websites that were targeted by this attack included Oschadbank State Saving Bank and Privat Bank, one of Ukraine’s largest financial institutions. However, these attacks were not of a large scale. This did not cause much trouble. According to a news agency report, at least 10 Ukrainian websites were attacked, leaving the websites inaccessible. Usually in such cyber attacks, websites become inaccessible due to large number of junk data packets being sent.

The websites of both the banks are now working as before, but the military sites were not working until hours after the initial reports of the attack surfaced. However, Ukraine’s communications watchdog has pointed fingers at Russia in this matter. He said that the attacker was resorting to dirty tricks.

Last month also there was a cyber attack on Ukraine. Ukraine has been alerted after the latest attack on Tuesday, because this time the websites of the Russian Army and the Ministry of Defense have come under attack. After last month’s cyber attack, NATO countries responded to the attackers by entering into a cyber welfare cooperation deal with Ukraine. The European Union had also said that it was mobilizing its resources to help Ukraine. According to Ukraine, it did not suffer much damage in the cyber attack in January. This time too everything was handled in time.

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