Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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Russia began to assemble heavy strategic drones “Sirius”

After the release and testing of the first prototypes, the drone will be supplied to the troops under the name “Pacer-RU”. This event was commented on by a military expert, captain of the 3rd rank of the reserve Dmitry Litovkin.

According to the expert, the production of such UAVs is an important event for the Russian army, because Russia has not yet had strategic drones in service that could stay in the air for so long and carry a strike weapons system.

“We are well aware of the effectiveness of this class of equipment in local conflicts, which is demonstrated, for example, by Turkish vehicles. Accordingly, the appearance of such machines in the Russian army significantly expands its capabilities to perform certain operations, “Dmitry Litovkin emphasized.

The declared take-off weight of the Sirius strike drone is 2 tons, the maximum flight duration is 20 hours. The drone will be able to climb to an altitude of 7 thousand meters, and the cruising speed will be 180 kilometers per hour.

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