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Russia bans US, tech and gadget companies in war against Ukraine

New Delhi: Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Fedorov has called on technology giant Apple Corps to cut prices in Russia. Mikhailo Fedorov sent a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, saying that Russia should cut its Apple Store products. Mikhail Fedorov is also Ukraine’s Minister for Digital Transformation. Fedorov tweeted and shared a copy of a letter sent to Cook. Apple, meanwhile, has not yet commented on the letter.

“I am very concerned about the situation in Ukraine,” Cook said in a tweet. We are trying our best for your team in that place. Support local humanitarian efforts. I’m thinking of all those people. Which are still on the verge of being damaged. They are also participating in all of them. Who are calling for peace.

US bans Russian exports
The United States has banned its exports to Russia after Russia invaded Ukraine. These products are brands from Russia. But, the production was happening in America. American companies could suffer huge losses after the ban.

The United States has imposed the ban under US trade law. American companies will now have to obtain licenses to sell computers, sensors, lasers, navigation equipment, and telecommunications aerospace and marine equipment to Russia. The United States had similarly banned Chinese company Huawei a few years ago. So Huawei had to suffer a lot.

How much damage will this embargo do to Russia?
According to legal advisers, many companies may choose not to sell to Russia. Dan Goren, a partner at law firm Vigin & Dana, said a client that makes electrical equipment sent a Russian distributor for shipment on Thursday. Exports from the US to Russia were about ४ 6.4 billion last year. Russia will not have to bear the brunt of techno-sanctions in the United States. But, just as Britain, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand are banning exports to Russia. That could be a huge blow to Russia.


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