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Russia Bans Facebook! Said- the question of protecting the Russian media

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has created an atmosphere of tension around the world. In such a situation, on Friday, Russia announced a ban on the social media site Facebook and now a social media site like Facebook has been banned in the country. Although this is a partial ban, no statement has been issued about when this ban will be lifted. The defense of Russian media has been cited for the move by Russia. Russia has said that Facebook banned the accounts of Russian government media sites and channels after the attack on Ukraine, which the government demanded to remove.

Facebook was partially banned in Russia on Friday. Russia’s government agency Roskomnadzor has said in this regard that Facebook had banned the accounts of several Russian-backed media agencies. There was a demand from Russia to remove this ban, but Facebook did not remove the ban on media agencies related to Russia. Facebook on Thursday banned state-run news agency ‘RIA Novosti’, state-run TV channel ‘Zvezda’ and government-linked news website ‘’, the statement said.

The round of attacks between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for the last three. So far many soldiers have been killed in this battle. According to media reports, Russia started the war with airstrikes on Ukrainian cities and military bases. On Friday, the Russian army intensified its military action to capture the Ukrainian capital Kiev. Gunshots and explosions were heard near government quarters in Kiev since early Friday.

While Russia is saying that it is not attacking civilians, on the Russian side officials say that in the last 24 hours, about 33 civilian targets have been attacked. Pozniak, a densely populated area in Kiev, was affected overnight on Friday, officials said. Russia wants to take over the main airports and air traffic control of the country’s capital Kiev. In such a situation, Russia has banned social media sites like Facebook and there is no indication from Russia about how long it will last.

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