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Running without electricity Hatke AC, will save thousands of rupees; Know the price

New Delhi: There has been a huge increase in temperature across the country this year. The last few days have seen heat waves in many cities. Against this backdrop many are buying ACs, fans, coolers. However, the price of AC coolers available in the market is higher. However, this cost does not stop there. After that you have to spend huge amount for electricity bill and maintenance due to AC. All day in summer AC The electricity is coming more from the beginning. Where the electricity bill without AC is one or two thousand rupees. There, due to the use of AC, the electricity bill has gone beyond Rs. 5,000. However, there are some good products in the market that run without electricity. This does not mean that the electricity bill will be higher.

There is a great AC available in the market. However, it will cost you a little more than a normal AC. This one Solar air conditioner Is, which works on solar power. Such AC They work on solar energy generated by solar panels instead of running on electricity. Solar AC Also work like regular AC. However, it has more power options. You can use a convertible air conditioner only through electricity. However, you can use solar AC in three ways. You can use it through solar power, solar battery bank and electricity grid.

Solar AC How much does it cost?

Solar ACs are available in small quantities in the market. However, they are listed on some websites. The cost of Solar AC depends on its capacity just like a normal AC. You will have to spend around Rs. 99,000 for a solar AC. According to Kenbrook Solar, one ton capacity ACs are available for around Rs 99,000. The 1.5 tonne AC is available at a price of Rs 1.39 lakh. They cost a bit more than regular AC. However, you can easily use them for many years. In the meantime, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on solar AC, you can buy a portable mini AC available on e-commerce sites. These portable ACs range in price from Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,500. However, there is no guarantee of how long these ACs will last.

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