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Rumor: Respawn is making a game in the Titanfall universe, but it’s not Titanfall 3

Electronic Arts recently announced staff reductions. As a result, not only the company’s employees, but also projects, including a shooter based on Star Wars from Respawn Entertainment, came under the knife. However, there is no need to be sad: according to an insider, the studio has an interesting title on hand.

During the Game Mess Mornings podcast, Jeff Grubb mentioned that Respawn is working on some kind of project in the Titanfall universe – and it is led by Steve Fukuda, one of the authors of the hit Titanfall 2. According to Grubb, this is not the hotly anticipated Titanfall 3, but something else – True, he himself doesn’t know what. The developers probably do too, since the game is in the very early stages of production.

Let us remind you that Apex Legends is technically also a famous IP. It’s quite possible that fans will be in for something similar, that is, a spin-off of the sci-fi action movie. It is worth mentioning, however, that last February EA already canceled one of these – it was called Titanfall Legends.


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