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Rostec presented a new model of a hopper car

Rostec announces the production of the first prototype of a self-unloading freight car of a new model for the bulk transportation of dry cooled coal coke. It was created by the Volchansky Mechanical Plant (a branch of Uralvagonzavod, part of Rostec).

A feature of this car model are two twin bunkers with unloading hatches. Each of them has a pneumatic drive for opening hatches and is able to open and unload separately from the other. The car allows transporting cargo with a fraction from 1 to 50 mm with a loading temperature not exceeding 300 ° C, which does not require protection from atmospheric precipitation. The wagon provides for the possibility of unloading at points with receiving and unloading devices on both sides of the railway track.

“The new hopper is a new promising unit in the product line. When working, the team had a professional interest, because the new is always interesting, ”- Nikolai Zaikin, deputy head of the pre-production shop.

A prototype car was sent to Nizhny Tagil for a series of tests at the testing center of UKBV LLC.

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