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Rosgvardia did not need the development of a “turtle” robot to resist the crowd

We are talking about the potential development of the Kabardino-Balkarian Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Tracked robot “turtle” was supposed to disperse the crowd and detain individuals. Due to its streamlined body, the robot looks like a turtle.

The car was to be produced in two versions. The first version is a high-speed, at a speed of 50-60 kilometers per hour, a robotic operative, capable of “dissecting” a crowd and detaining individual intruders with the help of net-throwers, stun guns, quick-hardening foam and irritating substances dispensers installed on it. The second version – robots-shield-bearers, which are designed to install barriers to resist the crowd, as well as blocking offenders from direct physical contact with law enforcement officers.

At the same time, the Russian Guard refused the technology.

“Rosgvardia has nothing to do with the development of this sample. These works were not ordered, since such products are not of interest to the department, “Valery Gribakin emphasized.

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