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Rolls-Royce electric plane sets speed record

Rolls-Royce has published the results of fresh tests of its Spirit of Innovation electric aircraft. The device was able to accelerate to 623 km / h, which makes the model “the fastest fully electric aircraft in the world.”

At the same time, company representatives also said that they want to record three achievements at once: acceleration to 555.9 km / h at a distance of 3 km, a speed of 532.1 km / h at a distance of 15 km and an ascent to an altitude of 3000 meters in 202 seconds. …

According to recent reports, the Spirit of Innovation uses a 400-kilowatt electric propulsion system. A distinctive feature of the aircraft was its “most energy-intensive battery pack ever created in the aerospace industry.”

Recall that the first test flight of a Rolls-Royce electric aircraft took place quite recently – in September 2021. Then the device took off for 15 minutes.

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